15th November 2016 Message from our Director of Golf

Dear Members,

It has been particularly good to hear very positive feedback on the condition of the course from members and visitors alike, following the sanding program, the surfaces remains firm and the greens are rolling true and fast for the time of year. Remember that you can view the weekly performance of the course by viewing the report on our website under the course information section.

Unfortunately something you may have noticed is the amount of pitch marks that are evident on the course, this is very disappointing to see and as you can imagine very frustrating for the team. Over the next couple weeks, we will be putting in a big effort towards reminding players about the importance of repairing pitch marks. I would ask you all as members to do your part and make sure that you and your playing partners are repairing your pitch marks. Please do remind anyone you see not repairing there’s to do so in the interest of the course. This will help to ensure that the greens are in even better shape for everyone to enjoy, thank you for your support in this matter.

Finally, on a more positive note to finish, we are beginning to see a very strong interest in new members joining the club for the coming year, the friendliness of our current members along with the condition of the course and fun atmosphere in the Vue restaurant following the game is a great attraction to anyone looking for a new club.  If you know of anyone considering joining please do put them in touch with me and don’t forget you could get a bonus for yourself for encouraging your friends to join with our buddy scheme.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the club soon.

Kind regards,

Ryan Donagher

Director of Golf

Castleknock Golf Club