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2018 Race to St Patrick’s Day


We are delighted to announce the new 8 week series beginning Tuesday, January 23rd

Each competition is Singles Stableford and is open to all players who hold an official GUI or ILGU handicap and each weekly competition will have an overall 1st 2nd and 3rd place prize.

There will be an order of merit running throughout the series with points being allocated to the top ten places as follows.

1st 100 points                     6th 50points

2nd 90 points                      7th 40 points

3rd 80 points                       8th 30 points

4th 70 points                       9th 20 points

5th 60 points                       10th 10 points

In addittion to the Order of Merit every player that participates will be awarded 5 bonus points for playing for each day they play.

You can play in as many of the opens over the  series as you like and any points you earn in each event will count towards your overall total and a chance to win the selection of fantastic overall prizes on offer.  The final day of the series takes place on Tuesday 13th March and there will be Double Order of merit points available on this day. In the event of a tie, the players most recent OOM score will determine the winner (Highest finish wins)

Click link to book your tee time https://www.chronogolf.com/club/castleknock-golf-club 


 In the interests of fairness as there will be some non-qualifying handicap events the following shall apply.

  • After winning an event you will be cut 2 FULL SHOTS, you will then get a shot back for each game you play during the Tuesday open Series and do not come 1st or 2nd until such time you reach your official GUI handicap again.
  • If you come 2nd you will be cut 1 FULL SHOT, you will then get a shot back if you play during the Tuesday open Series and do not come 1st or 2nd .

Please note that this is a domestic handicap during Tuesday Open Competitions for the 10-week series only and does not affect your handicap in any other competition game. If your Official GUI/ILGU handicap changes in between open competitions due to playing qualifying golf at other courses you MUST play off of your correct handicap. If your handicap has been reduced and you have a domestic cut you must apply this reduction to your new official Handicap. Playing off of the correct handicap is THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY, playing off of an incorrect handicap may lead to disqualification.