Boom Your Drive ! Ciaran’s Tips for Hitting it LONGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Everyone is looking to pick up a few extra yards with his or her Driver, whether you hit it 200 yards or 300 yards we all want more. To help insure that you are getting the most out of your driver try these couple of tips to make sure you are getting the most from your drives.

To get the most out of your driver you need to be hitting up on the ball and a little from the inside. To help achieve this a couple of small set up changes will help to create the perfect recipe for long drives.

Let’s start with how we set up. When you take your stance, drop your back foot back a couple of inches, so that your feet are aligned slightly right of your target.













This will help you to swing from the club head from inside. We also need to tee the ball nice and high, so that half the ball is over the top of the drive, and make sure it is not to far back in your stance. We need to set up as if you are preparing to swing up a hill.














In the swing you will need to feel that you are staying behind the ball with your upper body as you aggressively drive the hips and weight over onto the front foot.  This is where the “uphill” sense comes from – as the hips drive the head stays back you create the body motion that allows for the club head to move up into the hit.










If you would like to see how you are swinging the club and would like to make sure you are getting the most out of your driver, using our FlightScope radar technology we can see all the information we need about your club and ball to help you squeeze out those extra yards. For more information about booking a session on FlightScope click here

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