D’Spring League 2017 – WEEK 3 – Results


Dis is d’last week of the D’League. Or as D’boys from the “big smoke” would say, d’semi-final!!!!.

Lads, I have ta say da turn out last week was great. Ye all wanted ta represent your parish! I was glad ta see ye playing golf and not just coming down here for da showers…..

But Lads, I have ta share dis with ye, I was playing golf at da weekend with a member, whom shall remain nameless, and he told me about an awful experience he had in court last week being questioned by the defence lawyer…….


Lawyer: ‘At the scene of the accident, Mr O’Shea, did you tell the Garda officer that you had never felt better in your life?’

O’Shea the farmer: ‘That’s right, sir.’

Lawyer: ‘Well then, Mr O’Shea, how is it that you are now claiming you were seriously injured when my client’s car hit your cart?’

O’Shea the farmer: ‘When the Garda arrived, he went over to my horse, who had a broken leg, and shot him. Then he went over to Darcy, my dog, who was badly hurt, and shot him.

Then the Garda came across the road, gun still in hand, looked at me, and said, ‘How are you feeling?’  I just thought under the circumstances, it was a wise choice of words to say: ‘I’ve never felt better in my life…..’

Wasn’t dat an awful experience………!

Now Lads, dis is it. Ye need to Nuckle Down for dis next match. Der is noth’en in it between 6th and 11th place. Der’s a spot in D’Inter-County Final at stake here lads.

and remember lads, go out der and enjoy yourselves….!

Yours in Golf,

Timmy Ryan

Chairman of D’Committieeee

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