Grip It & Rip It with Karl

         Get a Grip!

Re gripping is something that goes over the head of most amateur golfers. Your grips should be changed roughly every 40 rounds of golf.  Castleknock Golf Club are really focusing on re gripping  in 2017 and helping you decide which feel, size and colour is the right fit with you.







The size of grip is determined by the size of your hands.  Like the image above this is what you need to feel to have the perfect sized grip on your clubs.  We can help you find that perfect size by fitting you right here in our Pro Shop

Having your new grips can really help to take strokes off your game.  Talk to me next time you are in the Pro Shop and let me show you the advantage of brand new grips on your clubs.

Grip It & Rip It!!


Assistant Professional Castleknock Golf Club