Local Rules 

From time to time Local Rules will be posted on Notice Boards in the Locker Room for your attention. Compliance with these rules is a necessity so please watch out for them and other notices as they may contain important information about golf matters and upcoming events in the Club etc.

Members are strongly encouraged to participate in all club competitions.
Members are asked to be responsible for their own tee times and turn up for play at least 20 minutes prior to tee time.

A few notes now that are local to Castleknock Golf Club but they are to be found in the local rules of most golf clubs and are shown below

  • All new members must have played and returned three cards for weekend members’ competition before they can WIN first prize in these competitions.
  • In order to enter the match-play competitions, you must have played a minimum of 3 competitions.
  • In order to win the Captain’s prize or the President’s prize you must have entered 4 qualifying club competitions.
  • If your name is on the timesheet after 8pm on the evening prior to the weekend members’ competition and if you fail to turn up, your competition entry fee will be deducted from your competition account. Additionally, 7-day flex members will have their flex credits deducted from their card.

Club Committee