Chronogolf Demo Sessions FAQ’s

Castleknock Golf Club

We strive to enhance your membership experience. With advances in technology, we identified better systems on the international market which can help us achieve this. The introduction of Chronogolf is designed to try and enhance the membership experience, provide the Golf Club with a competitive advantage against competitors while also providing a far more integrated operating system; reducing administration and increasing efficiency which we hope will result in improved customer service.

You can now manage your account online. View your balance and transactions. It will offer faster, more efficient booking on the website & through the App. You can book golf on your mobile, tablet and computer. You can access everything through your member portal.

A credit card is required to activate your account.

Firstly, members will have an account to which they can charge purchases be that golf, pro shop purchases or bar / restaurant purchases. Whatever debit is built up in each member account will be charged monthly in the proceeding month.

There is also significant time spent processing membership renewals each year. By creating an auto-renew process, we can significantly reduce the time associated with renewals and focus more on customer service.

The credit card is required for account activation. You can choose to pay using this card, or you can continue to pay cash, as long as you do so before the renewal date. From January, bank accounts can also be used via IBAN & BIC details if that is preferred.

Many people provide payment details to pay insurance, LPT, toll tags, gym memberships etc. What is being proposed is no different and will improve the membership experience.

All payment details are held by Stripe, a global payments solutions company that operates in 100+ countries worldwide. The company is fast becoming the largest processor of online payments globally. All information is stored by Stripe and encrypted. Given the nature of their business, Stripe has an extremely robust security system and have never experienced a security breach. We dedicated significant time during our search and due diligence process to the criteria of data security and are satisfied that Chronogolf and Stripe is the best option available to us to protect our customers. The Golf Club, its staff or Chronogolf will never hold our client’s data.

Many people may be aware of and use Pay Pal. While Stripe is a competitor, its solutions offer many advantages over Pay Pal including security.

Credit cards offer the best consumer protections available, but members can choose to use bank details in the New Year if they wish.

Another alternative would be to use pre-paid cards rather than your existing credit cards if members are in any way reluctant to provide these details. Swirl Card and Revolut are two such options which leverage the Mastercard platform to offer pre-paid cards which can be topped up easily online or in the case of Swirl Card via a Payzone outlet.

A payment method is required to set up your account and use your membership. An alternative to credit card is a pre-paid card such as Swirl Card or Revolut or the option of bank account details will be available in January.

Previously deferred payment options were processed using Premium Credit and there was an option to do this over 6 months or 10 months. With the change in system, new approach and adding of flexible credits to accounts, we are limited to providing a deferred payment basis over 6 months only. 10-month payment options are available on all unlimited membership categories.

The flexible model was introduced as an alternative payment method rather than a discounted form of membership. For equity purposes with Unlimited members, it is important that members use their credits each year. Most members do but we want to ensure that all current flexible members use at least 90% of their credit in the year to which it applies. This policy will come into effect from 1 January 2019.

Members will receive a notice of their membership renewal 60 days in advance. 90% of members renew their membership, therefore, it is much more efficient to automate the renewal process and manually adjust for the 10% than the opposite.

If members receive their renewal notice and decide they do not intend retaining their membership, a simple call or email is all that is required to cancel the membership on the renewal date.

30 days’ notice is required to terminate your membership. All other cases will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

This can be facilitated by management on site. A parent’s email address can be used in the case of Junior members who may not have an email address.

No but the credit limit can be reduced to €0 if a member wishes. Their credit card will be charged their membership renewal unless alternative payment is received before the renewal date.

Yes, as long as you do so before the renewal date.

There will be one account for all transactions.

Provide an alternative method of payment. Some Flexible members have queried offering complimentary golf during this period, however this would put Unlimited members at a disadvantage.

Members will be required to activate their account to access the system to book golf

Accounts credit limits will default to €500.

Currently, your contact information is stored in our existing system which is located on an onsite server. Your contact information will not be stored in Chronogolf, which is a cloud-based system which uses a data centre that offers significantly greater protection than our existing on-site server.

No. They will need to opt-in if they wish to receive marketing emails.

Our policy will be that staff will scan cards to apply a charge to a person’s account. We will be doing this to avoid this very incident. In the unlikely event that there is a charge on your account not related to you, you will have much greater visibility of this wish the new system and you should advise management as soon as you become aware of an issue.

Current policies in this area are not being changed. Existing policies will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Ireland is currently part of CONGU for handicapping purposes. There are a few software providers licenced to CONGU but Chronogolf is not one of them. Therefore, the scoring module does not work. As a result, we will be continuing to use Club Systems for handicapping and in some cases, this will mean an upgrade to Club V1 which is cloud-based and will make life easier for competitions and handicap secretaries. How Did I Do is part of Club Systems.

There is a planned moved towards a World Handicapping system which is why Chronogolf is not able to proceed with the applying to CONGU for a licence. Once the World Handicapping system is in place, Chronogolf can then be used for competitions, handicapping and the Scoring module can then be used.