Play2Learn Golf at Castleknock Golf Club 2017

Play2LearnGolf at Castleknock Golf Club

 P2LG’s mission at Castleknock is to provide opportunities for members to take part in value for money coaching program’s and just as importantly encourage more men, women and children to learn and enjoy the game by improving there skill level.  To date over 65 ladies have embarked on our 3-year pathway to membership at Castleknock Golf Club in our  “Get into Golf” Program where we hope they become active playing and social members of the club in the future.

In 2016, we assisted Captain Johnny and his Junior Committee with the launch of the Junior Membership program where we recruited 120 new junior active members. The juniors embarked on a summer length coaching program to provide them with the golf skills to set them off on their golf journey. 2017 will see the launch of a more tailored programs, designed to meet the needs of each of the juniors as they progress.

I  will also continue to deliver our very successful Short Game Secrets Clinics where we have had visitors attend from as far away as Northern Ireland.  Additionally, we have some new coaching programs launching in the New Year, so please keep a close eye on the website for details and if you know some ladies who would like to participate in this year’s program, they can contact me by e-mail on to book there place or to receive more information.

I would like to encourage as many members as possible from all ability levels and age ranges to get active in Play2Learn with us in 2017 as it will provide a unique platform for you to improve your golf and learn new skills


Head Teaching Professional

Castleknock Golf Club