The NEW Mizuno MP-18 Iron Range with PGA Professional Ciaran Hegarty

The NEW Mizuno MP-18 Iron Range

Mizuno irons are synonymous with feel, that soft feeling when you catch one out of the middle and sound that comes with it is enough alone to bring you back another day. The new MP-18 Iron range take this feeling to the next level. Mizuno’s Japanese forging process is what sets its Iron’s aside from many of the other manufacturers, and is the reason why over half of the Nike staff players moved to Mizuno irons when Nike stopped making clubs.

The MP-18 range is made from some of the purest still available in 1025E steel, with the E standing for elite meaning it has a tighter tolerances on impurities in the metal. Taking this already impressive metal and then working with it in the way Mizuno do, with their patented Grain flow forged HD process. Which means that the grains in the metal are more concentrated and flow in the one direction to make sure you get the best feeling club around.

The MP-18 range has three and a half sets, which can be bought as a complete set or you can blend sets together to get the best set of irons possible for your game.


MP-18 (The Blade)

The MP-18 Blade, is probably one of the best-looking and most photographed clubs in golf at the moment. These clubs are not going to be your friend on the forgiveness level, but if you can find this center of the face you get the satisfaction of knowing that exactly what you put in you will get back. These clubs would be great at short irons in a combination set



MP-18 SC

Based on the blade but made with some extra padding to help with forgiveness and to get a slightly better launch in the long irons, these irons perform nearly identical to the MP-18 blades in the short irons but just give that little bit extra in the long irons, with helps with confidence over the ball

MP-18 MMC (Multi-Material Construction)


The MMC is where the MP-18 range starts to get interesting, we have the blade and semi blade. Now we have a club which has titanium in the lower part of the back of the club to allow weight to be moved out to the edges of the club again to aid with forgiveness and help increase the launch to help get the ball airborne. From the 7 Iron to the  4 Iron Mizuno have then included some tings on on the sole of the club to help get those long irons up in the air and land softly on the other side. These would be get clubs to put in as a full set or as long irons in a combination set.

MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi


Now this is the half set. Start at 6 Iron and runs through to 2 Iron. If you are someone loves irons over hybrids look no further!! These are amazing, when these clubs first arrived in the shop for demo, I went a tried them out using GC Quad to record the data and wow, with this in a 6 Iron vs the others in the range I was getting an extra 15 yards carry!!! This club is based on the MMC but has a larger sole to help launch the ball up in the air. It should defiantly be considered for the longest irons in your set.

The MP-18 Range is a beautiful set of clubs and compliments what is offered in the JPX-900 Range which I will cover next week. If you would like to know more about the MP-18 range, get custom fit or try them out. Get in touch with me and I will do my best to answer anything you want to know – Email