Tip from the Pro – Chip it Close

Chip it Close

With the ground getting softer, making sure we get good contact with our chip shots and making sure we can chip it close to ensure you are competing for that turkey is all important at this time of year.

When playing a chip shot, making contact with the ball with a slightly downward blow into the ball will make sure that the wet ground does not interfere.

Set Up

  • Start with the ball in the middle of your stance, with your feet about 1 foot apart
  • Take your grip and place the club behind the ball
  • Place 60% of your weight into your lead foot (foot closest to the hole) this will help to ensure you get a downward blow into the ball.
  • Lean the shaft of the club to be parallel to your lead leg


  • Maintaining your weight on the lead leg.
  • Rotate your shoulders moving the club back and through the same length, instead of using our hands and wrists will make sure we have constant direction and distance. (You can see the difference of using your hands instead of just rotating using your shoulders, in the pictures below)










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