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Lag Putting – Distance Control Drill

It was great to see Padraig Harrington return to winning ways over the weekend. One thing that I found very impressive all week was his pace putting, he never gave himself the chance to 3 putt.

Having good distance control on the putting green is a great way to ensure we don’t throw away shots and undo the hard work of getting to the green. This drill for distance control is one I use during lessons. It is one I also use it before I go out to play to make sure I have a feel for the pace of the greens on the course that day.

 How does it work?

  1. Set up tees at 10-foot intervals from 10 to 40 feet.
  2. Grab three golf balls; you are going to putt towards each tee three times.
  3. With each putt your goal is to get it within 10% of the distance of the putt. e.g. on a 10 foot putt, you would look to get it within 1 foot (6 inches long and short), for 20 foot it would be 2 feet (1 foot long or short) and so on.
  4. When you complete the drill in one direction turn back and do it in the opposite direction. This is to account for any uphill or downhill slope on the putting green.

Try this drill before your next game, instead of hitting a couple of random 20-foot putts without any thought. This will give you a clear goal for what you are trying to achieve and it will set you up for the day on the course.

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