Titleist 917 Series Review Karl Goodwin


Titleist 917 Series 

Titeist have really out done themselves with this year’s newest models of both driver and fairway woods. Five years went into the creating of the sure fit movable weighting system that is easily their most innovative invention yet. This brings custom fitting and weighting systems to a whole new level.

The SureFit CG weight on the sole is a cylinder that is made of a composite material with either steel or tungsten inside to create a range of movable weights from 8g to 16g. When you put that with the choice of 3 new shafts with the Titleist 917 driver, the idea is that you get the best shaft, loft and lie for your swing and then fine tune it with the SureFit CG weight.

Even these small adjustments have made people notice these clubs as soon as they were released.  Everything down to the covers for the club heads, going from the sock form to the slip on form.  The sound and colour of the driver head have been changed as well. The new drivers have more of a ‘pop’ sound to them while also sporting the older grey colour.  In my opinion the new models have more than impressed on all levels.

Fitting and sample testing of  the new 917 is available with us in the Professional Shop. Drop in and ask for a TEST DRIVE!!

Karl Goodwin

Assistant Professional Castleknock Golf Club