Ping G400 Driver Review with Ciaran

Ping G400 Driver’s

Ping is a brand that only realises a new product if they can see an improvement. Over there last number of models (G25, G30 & G) the improvements have been small, but still there have been improvements to forgiveness levels. With the G400 we see the first step in distance in a while, all while retaining forgiveness levels. This is made even more impressive when you find out they have made the head size smaller, from 460cc to 445cc.

In the G400 Range they keep their 3 different model: Standard, LS TEC (Low Spin) & SFTec (Straight Flight Technology)

  • The G400 standard offering and will be the best fit for the majority of golfers.
  • The SFTec is designed to fight the slice by offering 10 yards of left-favoring shot shape correction.
  • The LSTec is the low spin model. It has a slight fade bias, and loft for loft it reduces spin by 300 RPM over the standard model. With Ping’s own brand tour shafts cutting spin rates by a further 200 RPM’s



Ping has the most visible technology of any company on the crown of their drivers with a full aerodynamics package working to increase clubhead speed while also helping golfers set up and align their shots.

With technology called turbulators which are the towards the face of the driver, Dragonfly technology is the spines that run from the middle of the club to the back with large portions shaved out in between them, all this with a newly added dimple pattern at the back of the club, mean heavily reduced drag, which Ping hope with equal more clubhead speed (DISTANCE).

My Feedback

As far as a driver range goes, this is up there with one of the best complete ranges ever realised by any company! While Ping will never claim to be the longest driver in the world, they will however make you find the fairway more often than not when fitted correctly. In the number of fittings I have done since the release of this family of drivers the G400 has held its own on the distance chart. But in terms of consistency and dispersion has more often that not come out on top.

If you are in the market for a new driver do not look past the G400 Range!

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